General Meeting

Dogs Playing Poker
General Meeting

2013-01 General Meeting
Dr. Kim Silverman gave us a presentation on magic and it’s relationship to historic Scotland.

2015-01 General Meeting
Father Basil Rhodes gave us a demonstration on how to make Haggis! We were also able to sample his really delicious Haggis during our potluck dinner, along with other wonderful foods!

2015-01 General Meeting
Featuring our very special guests Kirsten and Dean Scoot of Artisan Candies!

2016-04 General Meeting
Theo D’Este, Guild Master of Royal Scots Guild, gave us a presentation on Scottish Re-enactments at Scottish Games.

2017-04 General Meeting
After enjoying delicious potluck dishes and a lovely “Happy Spring” cake (which was kindly supplied by Sheryl Village and Ed Llamas) we conducted a brief meeting then introduced our guest speaker author Anna Fiorina Hess! Anna shared her first novel “Born in Internment” which she based on her family’s stories which were passed down to her about the internment of Italians in Great Britain during WWll. We had a very enjoyable and interesting evening!

2017-07 General Meeting
An interesting picnic and meeting in front of the Library.